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Du HALAL pour tous!

Le marché du HALAL*, une véritable mine d’or !
Le Halal est au cœur des débats. Des conférences et des salons spécialisés dans le Halal pullulent ces dernières années. Avec plus de 1,5 milliards de consommateurs musulmans dans le monde, ce marché florissant ne cesse d’attirer les industriels, de questionner les consommateurs…
Cependant, aucun contrôle n’est clairement [...]

VITAMEAL BABY, La Marque qui se démarque !!

A l’occasion des Morocco Awards 2011 qui s’est déroulée le vendredi 16 Décembre dans la ville de Mohammédia.
La marque Vitameal Baby a été récompensée dans la catégorie “Marque Emergente”

The pregnancy test

How do pregnancy tests work ?

To know if you are pregnant, the pregnancy test is one of the most practical and reluing methode.

All pregnancy tests work by derecting a certain

4 strategies to help your baby to sleep

Tired of being awake at all hours with your baby?
Use 4 simple tips to help your baby sleep through the night.
Turne on the radio

Baby- List of muslim names

Are you looking for original muslim names for your baby?

You will find above a large list of arabe and muslim names with their meaning and translation in english.

If you are looking for more information about muslim’s names or yould like to discuss different subjects whit other mothers, join us at the muslim women and mothers forum.

Achoura, a celebration for children

In the Maghreb, Achoura represents a spiritual and social celebration. It also the day of charity and sharing. During this day, ideed, childs express their joy.

This ancien celebration, has also been joined traditions like visit of